Welcome to Orange Blog of “Orange Armenia” CJSC (Orange). These special terms and conditions (Special Conditions) regulate the operation of Orange Blog, registration and usage terms, rules and conditions.

Orange Blog is a Mobile/WEB site, enabling the visitors (User, You and their case forms) to create their own space (Personal Blog), post their interests, opinions, observations and discuss them by means of comments or private communication system with other users, registered in Orange Blog, to upload photos, animations, pictures, text correspondence, links and other content, create friends’ list, customize their Personal Blog according to proposed topics, personalize their page and perform other actions, defined or permitted by Orange via Mobile/WEB site and by other means proposed by Orange.

Orange Blog is open to all those over 16, regardless of their being Orange subscriber.

Orange subscribers will have the possibility to manage their blog content by means of SMS and MMS, upload and exchange content by means of MMS, download content on Personal Blog from mobile phone, send and receive comments, as well as receive notifications by means of SMS and perform other actions, defined or permitted by Orange.

By logging in to, browsing and/or registering in Orange Blog, You acknowledge that You have got familiarized with these Special Conditions, agree with and accept them, explicitly agree with applicable rules of Orange Blog, as well as certify that You are over 16 and You have not been condemned for cybercrime before.

By accepting these Special Conditions it is supposed that You agree to receive general announcements from the moderators of Orange Blog.

By accepting these Special Conditions You warrant that You have all the rights, legal capacity and authorizations, which are necessary and enough to register in and use Orange Blog.

Laws of the Republic of Armenia are applicable for regulation of the relationships arising in the frames of Orange Blog. In case of disputes, courts of the Republic of Armenia are deemed as competent.

These Special Conditions are made in Armenian, Russian and English languages. In case of inconsistencies and misinterpretations, the Armenian version shall prevail.


You may register in Orange Blog via WEB and Mobile sites. As to Orange subscribers, they may register in this blog by means of SMS as well. To register in Orange Blog means to create a Personal Blog.

When registering in Orange Blog You will be required to fill in certain compulsory and optional information. Compulsory information is as follows: name, surname, login, password, e-mail and other information, defined by Orange. Optional information is the description of Your Personal Blog, country, city/residence, date of birth, sex, nickname, preferred language and other information, defined by Orange.

Upon filling in the compulsory information necessary to register in Orange Blog, You will receive a relevant activation link on Your e-mail address by means of which You can activate Your Personal Blog.

Every time You log in to Orange Blog after registration You will be required to fill in Your login and password for identification purposes. When logging in to Orange Blog by means of MMS and SMS, You will be required to fill in Your MSISDN.

If You are Orange subscriber and when registering You fill in Your Orange phone number, You may receive SMS notifications, make uploads by means of SMS or MMS, send messages, comments and reply to them, as well as receive 2GP additional space. If You do not fill in Your Orange phone number, You will receive 100MB space. It is allowed to register only once by the same Orange phone number. Should You attempt to register in Orange Blog by the same Orange phone number for the second time, the moderator of Orange Blog shall have the right to reject such registration.

In case You change Your Orange phone number in future, You may enter Your new Orange phone number according to the established order. Should You wish to delete Orange phone number entered by You, without entering a new Orange phone number, You will need to remove Your Personal Blog and register a new Personal Blog.

When registering in Orange Blog we call on You to respect especially the following rules: to fill in trustworthy and accurate information and update them in a timely manner should there be any changes thereto, not to register a Personal Blog on behalf of other person without being duly permitted by the latter, not to create more than one Personal Blogs on Your behalf by different names, should Your Personal Blog be removed by the moderator, not to create a new Personal Blog without the permission of the latter, not to give Your password to other person for Your personal security purposes, as well as not to permit in any manner unauthorized access of other person to Your Personal Blog. When registering in Orange Blog and choosing Your nickname or avatar, please note that they should fully correspond to ethical standards and rules, defined in these Special Conditions. Should You fail to respect these rules, the moderator of Orange Blog shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to reject Your registration or remove the Personal Blog, already created by You.

You may delete Your Personal Blog at any time by Yourself. However, the liability for the actions performed by You in Orange Blog and for the consequences thereof shall not terminate.

Structure and personalization of Orange Blog

You may personalize Your Personal Blog according to the proposed parameters: description, general background and color, choice of making Your comments accessible to third parties or restrict such accessibility, possibility of receiving an SMS notification with regard to each new comment, choice of the number of articles, posted on one page, photo and video albums and privacy thereof, distribution of the materials with different content on different sections of the blog and etc.

If You do not personalize Your Personal Blog, automatic personalization of Your Personal Blog will be made by the automated system of Orange Blog.

Personal Blog has the following structure:

  • Title
  • Categories (linked to articles)
  • Articles (linked by comments)
  • Calendar, which enables to browse the articles according to dates
  • Search system, linked to the articles of Orange Blog
  • List of the followers of Your Orange Blog and the list of Orange Blogs You follow
  • Photo album
  • Video album
  • Other sections defined by Orange.

Ethical rules

Please note that Orange Blog is open to all those over 16, who wish to communicate interactively, present and share with others their interests, discuss and/or post and exchange various information.

In Orange Blog it is forbidden to discuss such topics and/or create or post such messages and/or announcements and/or graphical, video and photo images or other content or place or disseminate any other materials or perform any other activity, which:

  • contradict in any manner the requirements of the RA legislation;
  • appeal people for violence, aggression or discredit and violate accepted norms of morality, call for activities threatening the life, health and safety of people;
  • contain texts, advertising materials, illustrations and pictures, music or sound effects or other similar means to mislead people;
  • violate public order, global and national norms of morality;
  • contain insulting phrases, comparisons and images with regard to race, nationality, profession, social background, age, sex, ethnic, religious, spiritual or language beliefs;
  • directly or indirectly discredit state symbols (emblem, flag, hymn, national currency notes, etc) or express disrespectful attitude towards them;
  • discredit legal and physical entities, including political or cultural figures, as well as industrial, commercial or other activities, profession assortment and etc.;
  • are used for the campaign of the coup d’etat or change of the constitutional order;
  • are used to disclose state or other secrets protected by law;
  • advocate war, criminal or other acts, prohibited by law;
  • are used to spread pornography, erotic, horror scenes, as well as other materials, including posting of links to the sites with such content, prejudicing education and development of the children under age;
  • advocate smoking, alcoholism, drugs and drug addiction, trafficking and kidnapping;
  • advocate multi-step and/or network marketing, contain advertisement, anti-advertisement of any products or services or contain any kind of messages, including any material, which can be construed as pre-election campaign or political advertisement;
  • perform mass deliveries of unauthorized content to other Users of Orange Blog (SPAM);
  • advocate national animosity, racism, intolerance, anti-Semitism, jingoism, fascism and other separatist and terrorist acts;
  • violate third party Intellectual Property Rights, contain any kind of unnormalized vocabulary, any words and expressions with negative meaning (even veiled or used with metaphorical meaning), which insult, discredit or otherwise refer to the Users of Orange Blog, administrators, moderators and legal owners;
  • disseminate personal data regarding the Users of Orange Blog and third parties (including, but not limited to, name, surname, address, phone number and etc.);
  • collect information regarding other Users by means of network automated means, including the content posted by them;
  • change or otherwise contain signs or inscriptions, which pervert the external view and visual design of Orange Blog;
  • pervert or mock brands, trademarks, products, services of other companies;
  • contain any kind of virus software, code or part thereof, create additional load in the network, which may damage or hinder regular operation of Orange Blog and/or cause damage to the Users and etc.

It is forbidden to create such topics and/or publish or post or disseminate such announcements and/or messages and/or materials, which with their content or meaning contradict the purpose of creation of Orange Blog or refer to such topics and issues, which are beyond the scope and purposes of Orange Blog.

Please note that You register in Orange Blog and participate therein solely at Your own risk and Orange bears no responsibility for the damage caused to You or third parties as a result of actions or acts of omission of You or third parties and You are held responsible by competent authorities for the above actions and acts of omission as set forth in the RA applicable legislation.


Moderation of Orange Blog is made by Orange on a posteriori basis.

The moderator shall have a sole competence to decide compliance of the actions or acts of omission performed by You or third parties with these Special Conditions and shall have the right, at its sole discretion, and without prior notice to You, to block or remove the articles posted by You, posted messages, comments, created topics, discussions, photos, animations, video materials and other materials or Your Personal Blog. You shall have the right to require from the moderator explanations on the reasons for removal of Your Personal Blog, by means of the link posted on Orange Blog. The link provides You the possibility to send an alarm to the moderator in case any unauthorized content or action is discovered.

In any case You acknowledge that the reserve duplicates of the blocked information or the information removed by You or the moderator are kept in the system of Orange Blog, which are not visible or accessible to You and other users.


Security and confidentiality of Your personal data is a matter of priority for Orange.

You hereby agree and confirm that the personal data provided by You when registering in Orange Blog, as well as the information, posted by You, including, without limitation, name, surname, phone number, age and etc., may be used by Orange in the manner and for the purposes, not prohibited by law, as well as for the purposes of Orange Blog and these Special Conditions.

Please note that Orange Blog registers all the actions performed by You on Your Personal Blog (i.e. choice of Your Followers, receipt and sending of messages, comments and all kinds of correspondence, posting of video and photo albums, Your each login to Your blog with precise date and time of Your visit and etc.).

When creating Your Personal Blog, You have the possibility to choose the privacy policy of Your blog, which means that You manage all the information posted by You on Orange Blog and You may restrict visibility and accessibility of the information and materials, already existing or to be posted on and the actions performed by You in Your Personal Blog, for the visitors and other users of Orange Blog.

If You post such information, which is deemed to be Intellectual Property, You permit Orange to use such information in the scope and for the purposes of Orange Blog and these Special Conditions. Such permission terminates upon deletion of the information, which is deemed to be Intellectual Property or Your Personal Blog, except for the cases where such information have been provided to other Users by You and they have kept such information in their Personal Blog.

You can be the Follower of certain number of Users on Orange Blog. Other Users as well may be Your followers, may get acquainted with the content of Your Personal Blog, but You may block such possibility.

Please note that all the information of Your Personal Blog (except for Your personal data which is compulsory to fill in when registering in Orange Blog) are visible and accessible to all, including non-registered visitors of Orange Blog, unless You choose the privacy policy of Your Personal Blog through following relevant instructions.

It is also worth reminding that the comment or other message sent by You with regard to the content posted on the Personal Blog of other User, is deemed to be the information of the Personal Blog of the said User and that User shall have the right to decide the privacy policy of such information.

The information presented on the homepage of Orange Blog (several Personal Blogs, created recently, best Personal Blogs according to categories, fields to fill in the nickname and passwords, recently posted video materials with their comments and etc.) is beyond the field of regulation of the privacy policy applied by You, it is public and accessible to the users and non-registered visitors of Orange Blog and You cannot apply any restrictions. You hereby agree with posting and dissemination of the information defined in this point on the homepage of Orange Blog.

Although You are enabled to manage security and privacy of Your Personal Blog, however, it is worth reminding that neither of security and privacy protection means is perfect and able to fully protect Your Personal Blog from unauthorized or unwanted penetrations.

Orange warrants that it will use its best efforts to ensure maximum security and safety of Orange Blog, as well as confidentiality of the personal data, except for the cases defined by law and where Orange is required to provide such data to competent bodies.

Orange bears no responsibility for confidentiality and security of the information You post on Your Personal Blog, exchange with other Users and third parties.

Please note that any content exchanged or any other action performed by third parties (including children under age) via Your Personal Blog is deemed to be performed by You. You are the sole responsible for posting or placement of Your personal data on Orange Blog by third parties, except for the cases where unauthorized penetration to Your Personal Blog or other unauthorized action have taken place.

You are the sole responsible for any claim, complaint or dispute of third parties in connection with the content posted on and actions performed by You in Orange Blog and You are obliged to settle such dispute personally and by Your own means.

Orange bears no responsibility for the actions of and content posted by third parties, and You are obliged to render Orange harmless from the disputes arisen between You and third parties.

Orange bears no responsibility for the losses, incurred by other persons, or lost profit, entailed by Your actions or the content posted by You on Orange Blog.

Please note, that when using the links of other sites, posted on Orange Blog, Orange does not guarantee security and safety of such sites. Visits to such sites are made at Your own risk.

Data flow between Orange Blog and the Users is protected by a unique check password.

Prices and payments

When using Orange Blog, fees for certain services (i.e. sending of messages by means of SMS or MMS) are defined, information on which is published on the site of Orange Blog. Published fees also include taxes.

Orange shall have the right to revise such fees from time to time, the information on which is also published on the site of Orange Blog.

Orange shall have the right to conduct promos and different actions, during which special promo prices will be applied.

Registration in Orange Blog and use of paid services by You is deemed as acceptance of the prices, defined for the services, by You.


Orange is a duly registered trademark, owned by OBSL.

Orange is the sole legal owner of Orange Blog. You can use Orange Blog solely for personal purposes. You shall not have the right to use, reproduce, transfer, disseminate in any manner or otherwise save the text, audiovisual images, graphical images, signs, web-graphics, other information or part thereof posted by Orange on Orange Blog and/or Orange brand and/or part thereof, without the written agreement of Orange. Any unauthorized use of Orange Blog, including the content of Orange official web site, may be deemed as breach of the legislation and You will be held responsible as per the applicable legislation.

Orange reserves the right to change from time to time the terms and conditions of these Special Conditions, without any notice to You. Such changes shall take effect upon publication thereof on Orange Blog or as will be defined by Orange. By keeping using Orange Blog, You agree to accept such changes.

You use internet, including the content thereof, at Your own risk and such use shall comply with all local and international applicable laws, legislative acts and norms.

Orange will take all reasonable measures to ensure regular operation of Orange Blog. Orange, however, bears no responsibility for the existing defects or malfunctions of Orange Blog and the consequences thereof.

If You are in breach of any provision of these Special Conditions or You do not accept these Special Conditions, Orange shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to reject Your request for registration in Orange Blog in future or further use of Orange Blog by You and/or at its discretion remove the Personal Blog, already created by You.